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Crois des Gardes Villa Rentals

Ideally located on the hills of Cannes, La Croix des Gardes is one of the most opulent neighbourhoods in the world, with some of the most expensive villas. With rapid access to the city centre and La Croisette, while remaining secluded in the forests of the natural park, there is nothing more private.  La Croix des Gardes is renowned for its luxurious villa rentals that offer guests a seamless blend of privacy, comfort, and sophistication in the iconic French Riviera. These prestigious villas, ensconced in the verdant hills overlooking Cannes, are a haven for discerning travelers seeking both relaxation and elegance. Each property is meticulously curated to provide a lavish experience, featuring upscale amenities, palatial interiors, and commanding vistas of the azure Mediterranean Sea. From intimate, cozy villas to expansive estates, La Croix des Gardes villa rentals cater to a diverse range of preferences, all while maintaining a commitment to impeccable service and an unforgettable stay in the heart of the Côte d’Azu

The villas for Rent in La Croix des Gardes

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