Helicopter Flights in Cannes

In the world of S Collection, we redefine travel by transforming it into an extraordinary experience. Our exclusive helicopter transfer service in Cannes offers not only a swift and seamless journey but an opportunity to behold the breathtaking French Riviera from a vantage point like no other. Each flight offers unrivaled privacy and comfort, turning your transit time into a thrilling interlude. Whether you’re connecting to a private jet or traveling from your luxury yacht to an onshore destination, our helicopter transfers make your journey efficient and remarkably scenic. Our team handles every logistic with precise attention to detail, ensuring a seamless connection with your ongoing travel plans. As you ascend above Cannes, the panoramic vistas of sparkling coastlines, sprawling vineyards, and iconic landmarks unfold beneath you, turning every journey into a captivating aerial tour. With S Collection, your travel is not just about the destination, but the memorable experiences along the way.

Helicopter Transfers to/from Cannes

Nice Airport

From €950

St Tropez

From €1,500


From €975

Charter Flights

From €1,575/h


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