Cannes Private Chef

Hire a Private Chef in Cannes

Experience gastronomic luxury in Cannes with S Collection’s exclusive private chef service. There’s nothing quite like savouring exquisite cuisine, especially when it’s tailored to your personal palate and prepared in your own private setting. Our roster of elite private chefs, many of whom are Michelin-trained, are ready to transform your dining experience into an extraordinary culinary journey. Each dish is thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented, bringing the finest of French and global cuisine to your table. Our chefs use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to prepare mouth-watering meals that suit your dietary preferences or any special requests. Beyond the meals, our private chefs also offer interactive cooking classes, wine pairing guidance, and can even orchestrate an elaborate dinner party, ensuring your gastronomic experience in Cannes is as thrilling as it is unique. With S Collection, every meal becomes a memorable feast, full of flavors, stories, and an essence of the luxe Côte d’Azur lifestyle.


Starting from 650€ HT + Shopping


Contact us to hire a private chef in Cannes during your stay in one of our villas.