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About Cannes Villas

Cannes Villas was founded with a very simple purpose in mind, providing the utmost luxury service to visitors in the South of France. With a knowledgeable team, that lived and worked in the South of France for years, we can advise you on every aspect of your luxury retreat. Speaking French, English & Russian fluently, communication with your agent has never been easier.

We have sourced the most exquisite villas in the French, riviera, from Fréjus to Colle sure Loup, with a wide offer around Cannes, in La Californie & Croix des Gardes. Having access to plenty of off-market villas, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange the perfect stay for you and your family. To ensure that your South of France experience is complete, we can also arrange you private helicopter transfer from Cannes to Monaco, yacht charters in the bay and gather a few supercars in your villas prior to your arrival. 

It’s your stay to enjoy. We will take care of the rest.

List a villa for rent

Cannes Villas is the best solution to get market exposure for your villa. Our expert brokers will accompany you in creating all the marketing content, from photos, videos and virtual tours to writing journalistic-level descriptions. Our robust digital marketing allows us to get an impressive amount of prequalified leads for your villa and offer you a choice of prospects. In collaboration with your villa manager, our team will organise the villa calendar to maximise your bookings and personal use of the villa. 

Luxury Villa Marketing

The S Collection has access to the best photographers and videographers on the French Riviera. Our team traditionally used to work on superyachts and now we want to bring our wealth of expertise to the villa market. After evaluating the pricing opportunities of you villas and defining together a high season and low season starting price, we will add the villa to our website and promote it across our various digital channels. The team at The S Collection will assist you in the management of your booking calendar, ensuring that you can maximize your use of the villas.